Extract highly targeted leads for your Business / Agency / Brand from Instagram
Do you know your competitors on Instagram? Let us get you all leads from any hashtag or users' follower on Instagram.
Used by 1000+ businesses globally | Growth Hack your Business badly needs
How to Target Leads
Followers / Following of @any_user
If someone follows a particular page on Instagram, they're likely into that niche/category/industry. In other words, they're highly targeted already!
People Posting Specific #Hashtags
Goldmine for leads. Example: If someone hash-tagged #homecooking they're extremely likely to be interested in your new cooking book or kitchen products. Get creative!
Liker / Commenter of any post
If someone likes/comments a post, they are into that genre/niche/industry. Can also use this to choose giveaway winner by extracting all commenters
People Posting at Specific Locations
People posting at specific location means this LEAD was surely at that SPECIFIC location!
Step OneSign up for Free & Enter The Requirements
Step TwoOur agency does all the work & gets you the data in 1-3+ working days
That's it! You start your Marketing & Outreach
Number of Profiles
to Extract
~ Around 0 to 0 Email Leads
Pay as you use pricing
Price per Profile
up to 100k
up to 300k
up to 700k
"Unique & Unexplored way of finding leads"
"3x your Facebook Ad Targeting"
"Best Way for finding Cold leads"
How this helps you?
Cold EmailingWe get Full Name, Emails, Phone numbers, engagement rate, post count, follower counts, and other critical data for highly targeted leads for your business type.
This allows you to reach these users on really personal level. Send them an email. Introduce yourself. Run targeted email campaigns and boost your sales.
Cold emailing can do wonders for your brand / business with 3300% ROI.
Cold Emailing
Influencer Campaign
Influencer CampaignWe solve the hardest problem of Finding the Right Influencers for your business type.
We get you their detailed analysis like follower-following counts, engagement rate, post counts, posts in last 7 days, average posting delays etc.
Pick the best Micro/Nano influencers for your business.
Drop them a mail regarding a potential collaboration and sky rocket your digital growth.
Facebook AdsGet targeted list of emails & contact and make the perfect Lookalike audience to run highly targeted ads on Facebook/twitter.
With new IOS 14 update, this is one of the best ways to make the perfect audience for you.
Generate more sales with the Same Ad budget by showing your ad to the relevant people.
Facebook Ads
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